You are my first and last love

You are my first and last love
form the first encounter1
my heart is trying to shove2

You are my first and last love
I swear I swear I swear

Heart found a place to dwell
deep inside of your bosom
spring has reason to bloom
now, there no place to autumn

You are my first and last love….

You smile so pretty so beautiful
that’s why, I liked you in a while
felt a goddess come to be mine
to bask me with her gorgeous smile

You are my first and last love…

You stole my heart my pain
that I have to say is everything
everything is love only love
your face to me is soothing

You are my first and last love….

1. meeting by chance, 2. forcing

Words by: Vinay Prajapati
Penned: 2004

She never wanna tell a lie

She never wanna tell
A lie to me but she lied
She never used that
Idea once she decided

She wanted to go
On a date with me
But not to sip
Just a cup of coffee
When I brimmed my courage
I found her moody

She behaved like a bitch
And tried to kill me
In her selfish love
She was caught
Red handed but she denied

Friends of her
Were all crazy
And always used to
Pull my legs, scratch my back
She used all of them,
She was really bitchy

She tried to turn on me
When I was on terrace
She was considering herself
As a ramp model of Paris

She wanted to
Get me as her mate
And tried to search
Herself in me as a bride

Reality turned her
Face towards mine
I found her soul
Drenched in red wine

She was careless
And lost herself in enmity
But usually in front of me,
She talked much pretty

Story has gone out of track
Without saying a word
I wanted to set back
Myself as a third

These words sound there
Where I live, where she bide?

Words by: Vinay Prajapati